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  • Part One

    Five travelers made a pilgrimage to Sandpoint to celebrate the dedication of a new cathedral by [[:abstalar-zantus|Father Zantus]], one dedicated to many gods. During the ceremony, local goblin tribes attacked. The goblins were easily driven off, with …

  • Aldern Foxglove

    Aldern Foxglove is a member of the Foxglove family of nobles. He plans to renovate the family manor, which is located a few miles outside of town. The manor has been unoccupied for several years due to an unknown family tragedy. Aldern seems quite …

  • Abstalar Zantus

    Father Zantus has been the High Priest and spiritual leader of Sandpoint since the tragic fire at the Sandpoint Cathedral 7 years ago. He is primarily devoted to [[Religion|Desna]] but leads the town in all faiths.

  • Tsuto Kaijutsu

    Tsuto is Ameiko's half-brother. He is a half-elf and a bastard. Tsuto was working with Nualia and the goblins in their plan to raze Sandpoint. He was completely enamored with Nualia.

  • Brodert Quink

    Brodert is an elderly human who fashions himself as an expert in ancient Thassalonian history. He came to Sandpoint in search of artifacts to study, including the Old Light.

  • Shalelu Andosana

    Shalelu is an elven ranger who patrols the countryside around Sandpoint. She has made it her life mission to observe the activities of the various goblin tribes and to interfere with them when necessary.

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