Unrest in Sandpoint

Trouble in the Glassworks

Ameiko goes missing

Sihedron runeOne morning, the party is woken early by an elderly maid. Noticing that Ameiko wasn’t tending to breakfast as she always does, the maid checked Ameiko’s bedroom. Inside, she found a note from Tsuto, Ameiko’s half brother. The note told Ameiko to meet Tsuto at the glassworks at midnight to discuss their father, who Tsuto claimed was behind the goblin attacks.

The party decided to investigate the glassworks, as Ameiko had now been gone for many hours. Inside, they found Ameiko’s father encased in glass; goblins cackled and cavorted around the room. Downstairs, Tsuto slept off some wine while Ameiko was bound in an adjacent room. Initially hostile, Tsuto was Charmed by Oleander and revealed a great deal of information. He was working with the goblins, specifically the Thistletop tribe. He was also working with Nualia, who was not killed in the fire seven years ago. Ameiko was intended to be a sacrifice to the dark goddess Lamashtu if she did not agree to join Tsuto in his plans. The party deemed Tsuto a threat and executed him.

Tsuto’s journal was found, which revealed Nualia’s plan to use the goblin tribes and a mysterious creature named Malfeshnekor to raze Sandpoint as an offering to Lamashtu.

A hidden passage was found in the basement. The passage led between the glassworks and the seashore, with a side tunnel dug into an ancient building buried beneath the town. This building turned out to be a temple from the era of the Thassilonians. It was staffed by twisted creatures known as Sinspawn, a demented quasit who fashioned herself Queen of the temple, and a deformed goblin. Erylium revealed that Nualia had been in the temple recently, and was planning to use the runewell to create more Sinspawn. This runewell, one belonging to Runelord Alaznist, was fueled by acts of wrath. The party killed Erylium, the sinspawn, and the goblin, and destroyed the runewell by depleting all of its stored energy.

Before leaving the temple, the party had gathered an assortment of items:



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