Unrest in Sandpoint

Journey to Thistletop

After some rest and some haggling in the marketplace, the party receives word from Shalelu that the goblin situation is worsening. They decide to go straight to the source of the problem and seek out the goblin encampment at Thistletop.

They find it easily enough, and make their way into the tangled maze of briars that the goblins call home. It is strangely empty, perhaps due to the raid; many goblins died that day. The party attempted to befriend some goblin dogs, making good use of their boar jerky. They found a pen with captive goblins from other tribes. The party convinced the goblins that they should return to their own tribes and convince the tribes to work together against the Thistletop. As the party made their way thorough the encampment, they found the tribe’s Nature Speaker waiting for them. He attempted to convince the party to leave peacefully. The party made a poor attempt at pretending to be Tsuto’s envoys. X was slain, and the party advanced onwards, across a booby-trapped bridge.

Here they found a wooden stockade. They easily dispatched the sleeping and distracted goblin guards, finding little of value. The party made certain to poison the goblins’ food stockpile.

The story thus far ends with the party having explored most of the first floor of the stockade, waiting outside a large room filled with raucous goblin voices.



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