Unrest in Sandpoint

Journey to Thistletop

After some rest and some haggling in the marketplace, the party receives word from Shalelu that the goblin situation is worsening. They decide to go straight to the source of the problem and seek out the goblin encampment at Thistletop.

They find it easily enough, and make their way into the tangled maze of briars that the goblins call home. It is strangely empty, perhaps due to the raid; many goblins died that day. The party attempted to befriend some goblin dogs, making good use of their boar jerky. They found a pen with captive goblins from other tribes. The party convinced the goblins that they should return to their own tribes and convince the tribes to work together against the Thistletop. As the party made their way thorough the encampment, they found the tribe’s Nature Speaker waiting for them. He attempted to convince the party to leave peacefully. The party made a poor attempt at pretending to be Tsuto’s envoys. X was slain, and the party advanced onwards, across a booby-trapped bridge.

Here they found a wooden stockade. They easily dispatched the sleeping and distracted goblin guards, finding little of value. The party made certain to poison the goblins’ food stockpile.

The story thus far ends with the party having explored most of the first floor of the stockade, waiting outside a large room filled with raucous goblin voices.

Trouble in the Glassworks
Ameiko goes missing

Sihedron runeOne morning, the party is woken early by an elderly maid. Noticing that Ameiko wasn’t tending to breakfast as she always does, the maid checked Ameiko’s bedroom. Inside, she found a note from Tsuto, Ameiko’s half brother. The note told Ameiko to meet Tsuto at the glassworks at midnight to discuss their father, who Tsuto claimed was behind the goblin attacks.

The party decided to investigate the glassworks, as Ameiko had now been gone for many hours. Inside, they found Ameiko’s father encased in glass; goblins cackled and cavorted around the room. Downstairs, Tsuto slept off some wine while Ameiko was bound in an adjacent room. Initially hostile, Tsuto was Charmed by Oleander and revealed a great deal of information. He was working with the goblins, specifically the Thistletop tribe. He was also working with Nualia, who was not killed in the fire seven years ago. Ameiko was intended to be a sacrifice to the dark goddess Lamashtu if she did not agree to join Tsuto in his plans. The party deemed Tsuto a threat and executed him.

Tsuto’s journal was found, which revealed Nualia’s plan to use the goblin tribes and a mysterious creature named Malfeshnekor to raze Sandpoint as an offering to Lamashtu.

A hidden passage was found in the basement. The passage led between the glassworks and the seashore, with a side tunnel dug into an ancient building buried beneath the town. This building turned out to be a temple from the era of the Thassilonians. It was staffed by twisted creatures known as Sinspawn, a demented quasit who fashioned herself Queen of the temple, and a deformed goblin. Erylium revealed that Nualia had been in the temple recently, and was planning to use the runewell to create more Sinspawn. This runewell, one belonging to Runelord Alaznist, was fueled by acts of wrath. The party killed Erylium, the sinspawn, and the goblin, and destroyed the runewell by depleting all of its stored energy.

Before leaving the temple, the party had gathered an assortment of items:

The Beginning
Unrest in Sandpoint

Five travelers made a pilgrimage to Sandpoint to celebrate the dedication of a new cathedral by Father Zantus, one dedicated to many gods. During the ceremony, local goblin tribes attacked. The goblins were easily driven off, with very little damage done to the town or its residents. During the battle, the party met a local noble by the name of Aldern Foxglove, a charming yet odd local currently living in the nearby city of Magrim.

In the aftermath, the party met with the town mayor and sheriff. They encouraged the five to stay in town until things settled down, and set up a meeting with Shalelu. Shalelu explained that she gathers intelligence on the local goblin tribes and prevents them from causing too much harm to local settlements. She also said that the tribes were beginning to cooperate, a new and troubling phenomenon.

The party secured indefinite lodging free of charge at the Rusty Dragon, a tavern run by Ameiko Kaijutsu. Some investigation around town revealed the following:

  • The goblin raid on Sandpoint was a ruse to disguise the theft of the lateFather Ezakien’s bones.
  • Seven years ago, a local artist went mad and murdered many people. Also, seven years ago was when the church of Desna burned to the ground, killing Father Ezakien and his foundling child Nualia.
  • Chopper’s Isle is empty except for a small, weatherbeaten shack containing a gigantic and disturbing stone idol.
  • A partially fallen tower is suspected to be a Thassilonian structure of some importance by a strange scholar.

During the investigations, Aldern took Qisma and Oleander on a boar hunt as a token of thanks for saving his life during the goblin attack. He spent the entire trip speaking of high life in Magrim and flirting with Qisma. He notably let his man-servants do all of the actual boar hunting. Qisma and Oleander returned to Sandpoint with light riding horses and many pounds of boar meat which they cured into jerky.


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